CodaBow Luma Violin Bow


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Get the Most Response With the Least Weight

Inspired by the great bow makers of history, the CodaBow Luma violin bow has a high, shimmering timbre that’s as silky as its handling. Lighter than the average violin bow, the Luma carbon fiber bow enables a facile and nimble response for playing your way through the most challenging musical sections — especially those jumps in spiccato. The bow’s silvery tone and graceful agility allow it to blend effortlessly in ensembles, maintain balance in smaller settings, and are sought by players of all styles, including fiddlers. If you want a bow for your violin that provides a well-rounded playing experience with considerably less weight, then look no further than the Luma.

  • Balance: Center-Frog
  • Weight: Medium-Light
  • Action: Moderate
  • Stiffness: Medium-Soft

Stunning Violin Performances Begin With Luma

Some may say lighter violin bows can feel less responsive, hard to control, and even jumpy. The Luma carbon fiber violin bow from CodaBow, however, is different. It may be inspired by artists with outstanding bow making legacies, but the bow bucks tradition in its composition. Make the most of your violin playing experience with the Luma.

The Right Tone With the Perfect Dimensions

Classic ideas meet new-age engineering. String players may hear that lighter bows (and light carbon fiber bows in particular) can’t measure up to the dimension or color that Pernambuco bows provide. But the Luma is no ordinary carbon fiber violin bow. Its blended acoustic core brings an uncharacteristically large dimension and a shimmering, warm color to life.

Ready to Respond

The Luma is always ready when you are. This ideally weighted and balanced carbon fiber bow provides you with the responsiveness and quickness you expect from your violin bow. The Aero Xebony® frog is streamlined to enhance proficiency and attack, while the lightness of the shaft keeps you perfectly poised for wherever the music takes you. As a result of the lighter connection and touch, rapid tonal changes are effortless. The 3D diamond weaving on the Luma helps make the bow even lighter and maintains a proper response and flexibility.

Prime for Fiddling, Virtuosity, and Speed

Fiddle players have spoken, and the Luma bow is a winner. Reviewers are saying that when it comes to the Luma bow, “It really plays itself.” The lightweight and responsive feel of the Luma help make it ideal for playing bluegrass, country, folk, and Irish fiddling all day long — all without tiring your arm! Though other lighter bows may provide less control and response from the strings, the Luma doesn’t miss.

Your Luma is for Life

All high-wear components (including tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings) are built with precision from strong, industry-leading materials to help ensure your bow provides you with a lifetime of play.

International Travel Approved

CodaBow’s carbon fiber Luma bow bears the GlobalBow® trademark. This designation ensures that our bows contain no endangered, monitored, or regulated species (wildlife or fauna) and can make it through international Customs with ease. Rehearse in San Francisco, perform in Tokyo, and play your violin wherever you see fit when you have a Luma violin bow.

Only 1 left in stock

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