Scott Cao STV-1500 Violin – made in USA


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Exact copy varnish. Best quality 10 years aged Bosnian maple, Italian spruce. Indian ebony fingerboard. Boxwood
fittings. Built, varnished, and set up in Morgan Hill Studio California

The 1500 is handmade, we found this violin to produce a balanced and clear sound with soloist projection and warmth. We love the way this one sounds!

This fine example is patterned after the 1740 Guarneri model

From Scott Cao’s Website

Scott Shu-kun Cao is well-known among the best contemporary violin makers throughout the world. His instruments are in the hands of numerous soloists, famous professional players, and collectors. Scott’s instruments are exceptionally renowned for their tonal quality. Scott’s violins are acclaimed for their aesthetic superiority and their ability to project a beautiful sound.

Throughout the years, our instruments have received enthusiastic recommendations by musicians across the globe, garnering praise from teachers, students, musicians, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Instruments handmade in our California workshop are prominently featured in leading violin shops around the world. Furthermore, our factory instruments are distributed through world renowned string instrument companies such as GEWA of Germany, Heer of Switzerland, Kanji Shirakawa of Japan, and Sebim of France. These accolades serve as a testament to Scott’s remarkable contribution to the musical world. At Scott Cao Violins, our commitment to the ongoing research, learning, and mastery of the art of stringed instrument making remains unwavering. We remain steadfast in our mission to craft and deliver the world’s finest stringed instruments, allowing the beauty of music to be cherished and enjoyed by all.

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