Hans Weisshaar Violin Consignment


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This Violin was made in Germany by for sale by Hans Weisshaar in California. It looks to be from 1980-1990.

We found the tone of the violin is balanced with strong and clear projection. Ebony trim and nicely flamed maple round out this excellent violin.

On consignment

Hans Weisshaar, the founder of the company,  established his business on the West Coast in Hollywood, California in 1947. He had been working in New York City for Emil Herrmann, at the time, one of world’s most prominent dealers of rare instruments.

Herrmann’s lead restorer and head of the restoration department was Simone F. Sacconi, recognized as the finest craftsmen in the field, and the most influential luthier of the 20th century. Sacconi was Hans Weisshaar’s teacher and later, became his mentor.

Sacconi supported Weisshaar when he set up shop in Los Angeles. This burgeoning cultural center was rapidly developing a thirst for classical music, and a recording industry in Hollywood. The Hans Weisshaar Story was just beginning…

Only 1 left in stock

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