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A Cello Bow for Students

You want to master the cello. Count on the CodaBow Prodigy carbon fiber student bow to assist you in transitioning from novice to higher skill levels. With input from seasoned musicians and expert scientists, the Prodigy was designed to be the premier choice for student cello bows.

  • Balance: Center-Tip
  • Weight: Medium-Light
  • Action: Firm
  • Stiffness: Stiff

Expertly Designed Carbon Fiber Cello Bow for New Players

From frog to tip, the CodaBow Prodigy student bow was carefully crafted to support the unique needs of learning cello players. It can be challenging for those with a new understanding of bows to know how to select the perfect student cello bow, though. After all, what are balance, weight, action, and stiffness? What should you look for in each one?

Stable Balance to Support Motor Control

Balance is how weight is distributed along the length of the bow, and some cello players say it’s more critical than bow weight in determining the “feel” of a bow. A well-balanced bow feels evenly weighted and comfortable to hold and use. The Prodigy showcases a Center-Tip balance that is controlled and forgiving to support and refine beginner coarse motor control and technique. An easy cello bow for novice players to manipulate confidently.

Easy Weight for Enjoyable Maneuvering

Weight describes how heavy a bow is. While a heavier student cello bow might ensure stability and control, a lighter alternative could provide better agility and maneuverability. Featuring a Medium-Light weight, our Prodigy bow is both responsive and agile.

Steady Action for Better Range

Action describes how the cello bow travels across the strings. A bow with good action feels smooth and effortless to use, but a bow with poor action might feel uncontrolled or rough. Stiffer bows are best for novice players, therefore, the Prodigy delivers Firm action to facilitate a steady string connection. This stable connection promotes exploration of range and expression.

High Stiffness and Steady Hold for an Applause-Worthy Tone

Stiffness is how hard or easy a cello bow is to flex. A stiffer bow may help you play loud, vigorous pieces while a softer bow is often better for more delicate, gentle works. Offering a high level of Stiffness, the Prodigy student cello bow helps achieve better hand stability, leading to a tone that is vibrant and even.

Future-Focused Construction

The CodaBow Prodigy is GlobalBow® designated. GlobalBow ensures your student cello bow is not made with endangered, monitored, or regulated species (animals or plants) and can easily move through international Customs. It’s equipped with a Xebony® frog and three grades of ethically-sourced Mongolian horse hair. Xebony® is a unique blend of natural fibers and resin that offers a stunning gloss and authentic grain, captivating both bow makers and cello players. More robust and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony® promotes peace of mind while helping protect limited resources.

Crafted for a Lifetime of Use

To ensure a lifetime of smooth operation, we crafted all high-wear components (such as the bow’s tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings) with cutting-edge composite materials. Purchase the Prodigy carbon fiber student cello bow now, but play it well into the future.

Kickstart Your Musical Journey With the Best Student Cello Bow

When choosing a cello bow for beginners, it’s essential to find a bow that is balanced, comfortable in hand, and easy to use. The Prodigy student bow meets all the criteria. It results from the vision shared by experienced teachers and innovative bow makers — a vision to offer exceptional students an elevating and supportive cello bow that propels them forward.

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