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Best-in-Class Cello Bow for Master Level Players

Built upon centuries of tradition and refined by decades of bow making experience, the CodaBow Marquise GS is the gold standard of master-level cello bows. Crafted by leaders in the bow making industry, the Marquise GS delivers flawless handling and poignant sound once reserved only for the finest master cello bows. Unidirectional carbon fiber runs seamlessly from tip to button, elevating both response and sensitivity. Expertly blended advanced and organic fibers offer a tonal vibrancy and resonance unlike any carbon fiber cello bow before. Graceful in the hand and lively to the ear, the CodaBow Marquise GS appeals to professional cello players more than any other instrumentalist.

Natural Acoustic Core

A carefully designed Natural Acoustic Core features a blend of organic plant fibers, resulting in a profound, pure experience. Decades of experience has taught us that producing superior, complex sound demands more than just carbon fiber.

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

Natural and elegant, In-Touch™ architecture provides unprecedented unidirectional carbon fibers that continuously span both sides of the shaft, from button to tip. This revolutionary advancement empowers a cello player’s fingertips to discern the bow’s full-length dynamics and response in an entirely new way, mirroring the natural grain of the most esteemed Pernambuco bows.

Built to Last a Lifetime

All wear-intensive components (including the button bearings, tip plate, and tip wedge) of the Marquise GS cello bow are skillfully engineered using industry-leading composite materials to provide a lifetime of confident play.

Xebony® Frog Solution

An elegant approach to addressing the scarcity of instrument-quality ebony worldwide, Xebony® is a unique combination of natural fibers and resin that showcases an opulent shine and authentic grain, capturing the attention of both cello players and bow makers. Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony® offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.

GlobalBow® Designation

The CodaBow Marquise GS has a GlobalBow® designation, meaning it does not contain monitored, regulated, or endangered species (wildlife or fauna) and can safely pass through international Customs.

Only 1 left in stock

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