CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow


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Student-Focused Violin Bow

You want to excel as a violin player. Count on the CodaBow Prodigy carbon fiber student bow to assist you in transitioning from novice to higher skill levels. Crafted by expert musicians and prominent scientists, the Prodigy serves as the ultimate student violin bow.

  • Balance: Center-Tip
  • Weight: Medium-Light
  • Action: Firm
  • Stiffness: Stiff

A Professionally Crafted Carbon Fiber Violin Bow for Beginners

The entire CodaBow Prodigy student bow, from frog to tip, was artfully designed to cater to budding violin players. But how do balance, weight, action, and stiffness relate to selecting the best student violin bow?

Assured Balance for Enhancing Motor Control

Balance indicates the bow’s weight distribution, and for some violin players, it’s more important than weight in figuring out the bow’s feel. A bow with optimal balance will have an even distribution and feel comfortable in the hand. The Prodigy boasts a Center-Tip balance that is controlled and forgiving tailored for supporting coarse motor control and early right-hand technique. A violin bow that new players can handle with confidence.

Medium-Light Weight for Enjoyable Handling

Weight refers to the overall heaviness of a bow. A student violin bow with more weight might offer more stability and control, while a lighter one might deliver increased agility and ease of movement. The Prodigy bow features a Medium-Light weight for the perfect balance of agility and responsiveness.

Stable Action for More Exploration

Action refers to the way the violin bow moves across the strings. A bow with good action feels smooth and effortless to use, and a bow with inferior action may feel difficult and rough to control. A higher level of stiffness is best for beginners, and accordingly, the Prodigy offers Firm action to facilitate a steady string connection. This stable connection inspires new players to explore range and articulation.

Harder Stiffness and Strong Hold for Award-Worthy Sound

Stiffness indicates the effort required to flex your violin bow. A stiffer bow may be more suited to playing loud, powerful passages, while a softer bow might be best for more calming, romantic pieces. The Prodigy student violin bow provides a high level of Stiffness to achieve better hand stability, leading to a tone that is vibrant and even.

Designed With an Eye on the Future

The CodaBow Prodigy holds a GlobalBow® designation. GlobalBow ensures your student violin bow is not made with endangered, monitored, or regulated species (animals or plants) and can easily be taken through international Customs. It features three grades of ethically-sourced Mongolian horse hair and a Xebony® frog. Xebony® is a special blend of resin and natural fibers that creates elegant shine and natural grain, impressing violin players and bow makers alike. Stronger and sturdier than true ebony, Xebony® gives you confidence while protecting endangered resources.

Engineered to Last a Lifetime

To offer a lifetime of smooth performance, we constructed all high-wear components (such as the bow’s tip wedge, button bearings, tip plate) using the best composite materials the industry has to offer. Buy the Prodigy carbon fiber student violin bow for now, but play it well into the future.

Start with the Best Student Violin Bow to Become the Best Musician

When shopping for a beginners’ violin bow, you need one that is easy to use, properly balanced, and comfortable to hold. The Prodigy student bow has it all. It results from the shared vision of innovative bow makers and professional teachers, a vision to provide extraordinary students with a supportive, invigorating bow that drives them to new levels.

Experience the CodaBow Prodigy and unlock your inner Prodigy.

Only 1 left in stock

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